July 1, 2016


Benefits of membership
  • Events and Seminars
    IFA Singapore holds events and seminars on a range of international tax topics. IFA members are entitled to attend these sessions at attractive rates.
  • Annual Congresses
    Hosted by one of IFA’s branches, the Annual Congress provides an opportunity for an exchange of knowledge and experience with respect to fiscal law. The Congress programme is supplemented by a choice of seminars, covering more technical subjects, whether international in character or focused on the law of jurisdiction where the Congress is being held. IFA members enjoy a membership discount for annual congress fee.
  • Cahiers
    2 Cahiers are published annually and distributed free of charge to all members of the Association. They contain a wealth of domestic and international material in dealing with the subjects to be discussed at the following Congress. These publications comprise of IFA Branch Reports together with a General Report on each of the two subjects selected for the Congress of that year. The Cahiers are an invaluable source of information of lasting scientific value for any specialist interested in international or comparative fiscal law.